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PEI Sales Testing: SSP & SPQ

PDF SSP Sample Report
PDF SPQ Sample Report

The costs involved with hiring a salesperson are staggering. Estimates range from over $1,000 to recruit and train a new salesperson, to over 6 months of compensation before the person actually begins “paying” for him/herself. The use of sales testing can dramatically reduce the wasted dollars involved in making a poor hiring decision and increase the effectiveness of that person once on board.

SSP - $ales $uccess Profile

Measure skills—Not Personality!

The Sales Success Profile (SSP) is a 50 question multiple-choice written sales used worldwide. It reveals the precise skill level of the salesperson you are thinking of hiring and exactly where to target your training.

The SSP assesses the salesperson's strengths and weaknesses in 13 critical areas including: approach & involvement, handling & overcoming objections, ability to close sales, ethics, politeness & courtesy, friendliness & warmth, handling problems, ability to qualify buyers, prospecting & cold calling, presentations, time management, telephone technique and call enthusiasm. The 50 multiple-choice questions have more than 360 possible answers. The person taking the test is then ranked by percentile to a national database of over 350,000 people in order to gauge your company’s standards against other companies. It has been designed to give a graphic analysis, 7 pages of narrative report with recommendation for training, and multiple pages of individualized training tips so you can help improve your employee’s productivity, skills and profitability. The SSP has been scientifically validated, has passed the test for reliability and is non-discriminatory. Average time for completion: 30-45 minutes.

Not only can you determine the sales ability of prospective employees, the Sales Success Profile can be used on existing salespeople as an organizational development tool. Sometimes salespeople lose track of some of the basics of selling. The results are less earnings, a loss of self confidence in their abilities and the inevitable sales slump. The Sales Success Profile actually pinpoints the areas they are floundering in and the salesperson is able to bounce back by recapturing lost skills.

SPQ Gold – “The Sales Call Reluctance Test”

Sales people are a unique breed of employee. Along with the skills involved to actually perform the job go the fears and inhibitions of doing so. In other words, the person may know the “technical” steps involved with the selling process, but have a conscious/unconscious fear of performing them. This 110 question sales test can be used in hiring, promoting, or investigating performance problems of current staff members. 11 forms of Call Reluctance are identified, including:

Results are typically available within 1-2 hours of our receiving applicant’s answers. Average time to complete: 30-45 minutes.

Call Reluctance® and SPQ*GOLD® are registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc., Dallas, Texas.